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Casitas Classiques Ltd or their agents ( hereinafter called the "Company") only accept bookings for holidays on the following terms:

  1. All the tenants are governed by the " Villacana Community Rules & Regulation"
  2. Minimun rental three night this will be only in the low period in the peak period seven night.
  3. For RENTAL booking a Deposit of 60 Euros per person is required. The balance is payable 8 weeks prior to departure.
  4. VACATION OF THE PROPERTY: 10:00 am in July and August and 12:00 the rest of the year on departure day.
  5. ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY IS NOT BEFORE 5.00 PM, but it is possible that you may be allowed in when you arrive. Please check with our office ON SITE UPON YOUR ARRIVAL, to see if you can have access earlier. Please DO NOT RING the english office to ask if this is possible. It depends on the departure time of the existing clients on that day, and only the spanish office will have that information UPON YOUR ARRIVAL. You the client, can always opt to pay for an extra day, thereby being able to arrive or stay in as long as you need.
  6. MAID SERVICE is only provided once weekly ie. At the end of each week and NOT during the week.
  7. CANCELLATIONS: The following scale will take effect:

    LOSS of DEPOSIT only if cancellation is 60 days or more before departure.

    LOSS of 50% If cancellation is 41 to 59 days before departure.

    LOSS of 75% If cancellation is 29 to 40 days before departure

    LOSS of 100% If cancellation is 0 to 28 days or less before departure


  9. Persons renting in a private community must note that Casitas Classiques Ltd, the owner of the actual property, or the community are not liable for any loss or damage or accidents incurred by clients. You must report ALL accidents to our on site office. Failure to do so might invalidate any claim to your Insurance company.
  10. The Company ( both for themselves and on behalf of their employees and agents ) do not accept responsibility for any act, omission, default or neglect of themselves, their employees or their Agents, for injury, damages or loss to persons or goods whatsoever and howsoever the same may be caused. In the event of any travel service cancelling any arrangement made on behalf of a client, and there being suitable alternative arrangements, the company will only be liable to refund the amount of monies paid by the client to them subject to a deduction for such sums (if any) that the travel service may be entitled to be paid.
  11. Whilst the company will use their best endeavours to satisfy clients requirements, Casitas Classiques Ltd nevertheless reserve the right at any time to make alterations to the clients itinerary or arrangements, in which event there is no liability by the company in respect of such alterations. Casitas Classiques will use their best endeavours to offer the client suitable alternatives.
  12. Please also note that Spain is a hot country, there are often insects, ants, flys and possible other types of small animals/insects that we do not encounter often in our country. Sometimes these are unavoidable, and whilst Casitas Classiques Ltd will do their best to eradicate them, no compensation whatsoever will be paid to renters who might find them in the apartments.
  13. The client shall be responsible for leaving the property let to him and the content_as thereof in as a good a state as at the beginning of the letting and shall PAY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE THERETO.

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